Tomorrowland 2015 | Richie Hawtin

Join the Global Family… Join the People Of Tomorrow.

TomorrowWorld USA (September 25-26-27, 2015)
Tomorrowland Brasil (April 21-22-23, 2016)
Tomorrowland Belgium


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  1. Several years ago i saw this video wondering how anyone could like this music. Ironically Richie Hawtin became one of my favorite DJs after seeing him live. Videos don't do him justice since half the magic is in lower frequencies

  2. David Guetta what a joke, and by the way respect for Ritchie, but what about the Martinez Brothers, Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones BTW Fuck Tomorrowland I don"t understand why the whole world comes to my country for way too much prices / tickets / drinks etc let's be serious

  3. The fireworks buildup and drop starting @ around 19:00 is one of the best things I've ever seen on a dance floor.
    All the stars have to be aligned for something like that to happen.Epic!
    Only Richie could pull off something so special then roll up his sleeves like a boss.

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