Torsten Fenslau | “Kult Clubnight” DJ Mix (25.09.1993) (Techno/Trance Classics)

“Torsten Fenslau’s last DJ Set @ Clubnight”.

Torsten Fenslau was one of the most influential producers of the early German dance scene. His commercial breakthrough came in 1993 with Culture Beat’s ‘Mr. Vain’ which topped all European charts that year. Other tracks stayed pretty much underground, but became legendary clubhits nevertheless (e.g. ‘Die Kybernauten’ by Klangwerk or ‘Alone It’s Me’ by Abfahrt).

Torsten ran his own label Abfahrt Records and was resident DJ at Dorian Gray in the terminal-basement of Frankfurt airport. He died much too early in a car accident on the 6th of november 1993. His music lives on in the many sets people have on tape from his appearances in the ‘hr3 Clubnight’ radio show.

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