Brace Brace | Thomas Schumacher DJ Set at Abandoned Water Fun Park Berlin

FYI: We don’t put the ads inside the video. Youtube does, since we don’t have the rights for the tracks Thomas is playing. Sorry for that!

The new full set of Thomas Schumacher consisting of 100% his own productions. Check the stunning drone shots from around the abandoned and burned down swimming pool Blub in Neuköln, Berlin. It closed until the early 2000s so that many of us still know it from our youth.
Because we love the risk and hate bureaucracy, the 🚔 busted us after 30 min – therefore the second half of the video is for you to explore the location while listening to Thomas‘ bangers.

Because of recent circumstances, some words from Thomas:
Hard times require furious dancing. Each of you is proof of that – Alice Walker

Prohibiting people from dancing has been an age-old technique that colonising forces have used against people in order to break their spirit. We may not be able to get together in the ways that we were able to before this global pandemic, but we can still gather together in spirit and dance. Dancing empowers us, it gets us out of our logical thinking minds and into our creative, instinctive bodies and God knows, we need our creativity and our instincts empowered now more than ever. My wish is that you use this video to get into yourself, often. Dancing is not, cannot and must not ever be cancelled.

Playing a DJ set in an abandoned, burned down Water Fun Park definitely had a dark dystopian edge to it, but at the same time the music seemed to breathe life back into the ghostly energies there. That is until the police came and shut us down half way through my set. But even they could not help but feel the positive vibes we were creating and apologised for having to ask us to pack up and get out of the prohibited area. The crew continued to film epic shots of the location and wider Berlin with their drone camera’s while the rest of us packed up our gear, so you can listen to the second half of my set while watching some awe inspiring video.

And let’s record video of ourselves dancing where ever and whenever we want to and post with the hashtag #dancingnotcancelled. Let’s make it a peaceful call out to each other, a non-violent fight for our right to dance.

Brace Brace

Thomas Schumacher

Production: Brace Brace
Artist: Thomas Schumacher

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