SIT minimal house set at Neversea 2019

The minimal masters live from Romania’s Neversea festival
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Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia formed their collaborative SIT project in 2009, and over the past eight years have established themselves among the foremost duos in electronic music.

The pair are revered for crafting vast, hypnotic worlds in their music that elevate listeners to transcendent heights. The release of the debut SIT album ‘Sideways’ in 2015 on their Amphia imprint was a landmark record for the global minimal techno scene, comprising tour de force productions such as ‘Angels’, which became a dancefloor phenomenon across Europe. As DJs they’re equally accomplished, spinning trippy, entrancing sets.

Hosted in the Romanian seaside city of Constanța, Neversea combines a breath-taking location with first-rate musical programming.


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