The Best and the Worst of Boiler Room Crowd Episode 11

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🧐What is People Of ?

People Of find the best and the worst of Youtube channels music event like Boiler Room, Tomorrowland, Planète Rap… Then, it is making a funny editing of all these extracts that it has find. It can be weird guys, funny reactions, wtf moments… Finally it adds some text to make the characters speak between us and add some visual and sound effects to create a unique piece of content.

The extracts of this video come from :

0:06 : OR:LA Boiler Room x AVA Festival DJ Set (at 43’00)
0:35 : Four Tet Boiler Room London DJ Set (at 49’10)
0:50 : Michael Jukeson Boiler Room NYC DJ Set
1:24 : Grego G Boiler Room Paris DJ Set (at 27’20)
1:38 : High Klassified Boiler Room Montreal DJ Set (at 8’50)
1:47 : Legowelt Boiler Room London DJ Set (at 10’40)
2:02 : San Proper Boiler Room x Dekmantel DJ Set (at 17’55)
2:13 : Blawan Boiler Room London DJ set (at 5’10)
2:21 : Saoirse Boiler Room x AVA Festival DJ Set (at 29’10)
2:33 : B. Bravo RBMA x Boiler Room LIVE Set (at 9’40)

Outro song : Mirkonico – 7sati
Made by Dimitri Vallein


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