Patrick Lindsey – DJ Set @ ZOOM Club (Nuremberg) 2002-12-13

Together with his former classmate Anthony Rother, Patrick Lindsey gained his first computer experience and fulfilled his dream of “self-made produced music.” In 1994, he already published the very first release on Heiko Laux’s label “Kanzleramt” and also released on the legendary Frankfurt based “Harthouse” label. Two years later, he had his personal breakthrough with “Malephonk” (Harthouse No. 100) and “Phonkschool” on “School Records” which is the inofficial forerunner of his current label “Funkwelle”. Monika Kruse recognized his outstanding feeling for synthetic generated music and both had an intense collaboration lasting from 1997 till 2006. Throughout this span he published under his pseudonym “Voodooamt”, an allusion to his “Kanzleramt” past, several “Terminal M” releases and also got to know Gregor Tresher with whom he released two EPs.

#OldieGoodie #Techno #ToYKillAS

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