Lyktum – Live Set At Fusion Festival (2019)

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Lyktum is a prestigious psychedelic trance producer from Serbia, with almost 2 decades of music production, bringing his message worldwide with truthful vision of creating vibration itself, Lyktum has a keen sense of knowledge to put a greater focus in evolution of consciousness with his cosmic source compositions, throughout broad arrangements of cutting edge sounds, he evokes more significant introspective reflections of an euphoric state. Never before has there been such a distinct derivative to an atmospheric approach in Trance, Lyktum craft is definitely one to be in awe of.

Lyktum emerged with singles & EP releases in early 2011. First album was released on #YellowSunshineExplosion in 2012 called „Tales from the Universe“ and landed on the 2nd place in Top100. Throughout many releases of that year Lyktum’s signature was already well crafted and got a great bound within the scene itself by remaining in Top10 Psytrance music producers. Second album was released on #TesseracTstudio in 2013 called „Vibrations of Life“ and earned it’s 3rd position in Top10. In mid 2014 Lyktum started his soulful devotion journey towards a visionary concept album, anticipated by many of his fans, fast-forwarding to 2018 where the Third album was complete, it got released under the name „Human“ on #IonoMusic and it got 3rd place on psytrance music charts,
Dejan Jovanović has been devoted to this way of life across the planet up to this day, preforming in the pure underground club scene all around the world and evolving his journey into the biggest & most beautiful event’s psychedelic culture has to offer, such as: Universo Paralello, Orion, Sonoora, Cyclus, Terra em Transe, ZiOHM, ReveillOz, Alliance, Mandallah, Nomad, DreamVision, Fusion festival, High Paradise, Dinamo, Club A, Chidneris, Universence, Shambhala, SoulVision, Essential, 4Life etc…(Brazil), Hadra,Vibes, Outrance (France), Psychedelic Circus, Psychedelic Experience, November Ritual (Germany), BAT, Groove, Magic (Argentina), Timegate, Summer Never Ends, Shankra, Magic Wood, A Trip To Wonderland (Switzerland), P.L.U.R. festival, Ammos Beach, 1200 meters, GOYA (Greece), S.U.N. festival, Dürer Kert, Winter SUN, Y-Production events (Hungary), Land of the Rising Sun, OverDrive, Human (Japan), Elysium Island, Digital Chemistry, Forest Sound, Digital Nexus (Serbia), AEON Gathering, Tribe, Moon Crystal, Nova (Mexico), Waha, Solar Seeds (Romania), Area 55, Psy Olimpics, Senpati (Denmark) Genesis project (Sweden) and many others..

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