Joey Beltram @ Tresor, Berlin 1993

Born: 6 November 1971 in Queens, NYC, USA.
Joey Beltram is widely acknowledged as a leading innovator in the early development of underground dance music.

Joey began DJing as a hobby back in 1983 at the age of 13 playing mostly early electro and hip-hop. He made the switch to house music in 1985 when the first wave of Chicago house hit NYC that same year.

In 1989 he started releasing some of his early productions on several small New York record labels whilst he was working as a courier. A year later he caught the eye of R & S Records in Belgium and by mid 1990 released his first major record with that company titled „Energy Flash“. Beltram soon followed with some equally impressive releases.
All through the 90’s he has created some of the most timeless music on some of the most cutting edge labels of the decade.
The flyer is from the 04.10.1991 at Quartier Berlin.


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  1. [00:00] MD3 – The Pressure Cooker
    [02:57] Joey Beltram – Energy Flash
    [07:01] Joey Beltram – My Sound [R&S – RS 96100DB]
    [09:04] Zeta 3 – Zeta 3 (Totem Mix)
    [13:00] Hardfloor – Acperience 1
    [16:52] Fingers Inc. – I'm Strong (Instrumental)

    [21:04] Astrospider – Ritmista!
    [25:26] Laurent Garnier – Wake Up

    [33:30] Katana – Erotmania

    [39:02] Robert Armani – Frequency
    [41:45] Robert Armani – Invasion (Spasms Remix)
    [44:22] Robert Armani – Moonlights
    [45:10] 100% Acidiferous – Tank
    [48:42] Roots – Racing Car

    [53:13] Kosmik Kommando – Universal Indicator, Yellow
    [57:07] Adventures Of Dama – Cybordelic

    [01:02:08] Astrospider – Valley People
    [01:09:02] Vinyl Blair – The Trancespotter

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