INTRO + JOSSY w/ PARTILLO Live From Alkemisten Café | United We Stream Gothenburg – 2020-11-28

United We Stream Gothenburg – an initiative in solidarity with the local club culture.

November 28, 2020, a livestream was broadcasted from four unique locations for as long as 12
hours along with a fundraising campaign for affected artists, Organizers, venue holders, technicians,
rowers and more.
Here we present the segments artist by artist.

We highly welcome you to support this culture:

SWISH to: 123 128 26 80

Receiver: Andra Kvarter Kulturförening
Donation accounts will be
open throughout 2021

About the artist(s)
Singer/songwriter “Jossy” (Josefine Gustafsson) born and raised in Gothenburg has with her
only 15 years already been noticed for her boundless potential. “With a distinctive voice and
her talented songwriting, she is definitely a future artist to keep track of”
“I write my own lyrics and prodd ideas. A lot is about love and life situations where I
recognize myself or things I have been through. I hope that people can relate to my “mixed
emotions” and sing along haha”

Sound creations and adjustments by Vapour Mind
Trumpet by Ken Wennerholm
Projection Mapping by Hannes Lövbacka

Art by Kaj Biedron

Produced by Link Vision with team for United We
Stream SWE

Thumbnail picture ©Nima Gassemlo

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(40 * angesehen, 1 * heute angesehen)


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