GO!DIVA live at Waveblender, 26-03-2011, Club Midnight, Vlissingen

GO!DIVA live at waveblender, 26-03-2011, Club Midnight, Vlissingen!!
MADA & Plankton – Bobol (promo, out soon on Elektrax)
A-Brothers – Bass Matter (promo, out later this year)
Niereich – Impact (Michael Schwarz remix) (promo, out on TheZone soon)
Patrick DSP – Domination (Ryuji Takeuchi remix) (promo, out on Gobsmacked)
GO!DIVA – Early Bird (Luke Creed Toolkit remix) (out on Brickwork)
Cortechs – Ceres (GO!DIVA remix) (out on Speca)
MADA & Plankton – Zath (promo, out on Elektrax soon)
Niereich – Impact (GO!DIVA remix) (out on TheZone soon)
Bas Mooy – Krull (Gayle San & DJ Hi-Shock remix) (promo, out on Darknet)
88 UW – 3intensions (Promo, out soon)
GO!DIVA – Early Bird (Out on Brickwork)
GO!DIVA – Agressor (Unreleased first build of new track)
Unofficial – 100 Degrees (GO!DIVA remix) (Out on Unoffical records soon)
Mark Angel – Bang (Promo, out later this year)
Deh-Noizer & Oniks – The Prayer (promo, out soon on Elektrax)
Bas Mooy – Krull (ortin Cam remix) (Promo, out on Darknet)
Niereich – Hating the Haters (promo, out on Rewashed)
Diarmaid O’Meara – Selfish Bass ( A-Brothers remix) (Promo, out on Gobsmacked)
Mike Humphries – Tacetical Recon (Patrick DSP remix) (Promo, out on Mastertraxx)
GO!DIVA – Early Bird (A-Brothers remix) (Out on Brickwork)
Green Velvet – Flash (The Advent & Industrialyzer remix)
Virgil Enzinger – Mind Control
Overlook Hotel – Insomnia (Promo, out on Gobsmacked)


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