Fusion Festival – DJ Goce Saf

DJ Goce started to get involved into hip hop culture in the early 90’s. In 1993 his group S.A.F. put
out their first demo on the radio, by 1996 S.A.F. had studio recordings, was on the top of independent radio charts and started doing live shows. In 1998 signed a deal with Polygram imprint Indigo that ended up canceled because of regional tensions and wars. In 2000 S.A.F. finally released their LP “Safizam” (recorded between ’96-’98) completely produced by DJ Goce. In 2001 S.A.F. did a big show
together with special guests Das Efx to promote Safizam, and in 2002 released “Safizam” as 3LP set – the first hip hop vinyl release on Balkans!
In 2015 SAF marked 15 years of Safizam LP, with a sold out concert in Skopje. In 2002 DJ Goce together with his partner Dimitri from Cair formed Bootlegz entertainment and started the first hip-hop resident club night in Macedonia at the club Element. In 2002 Bootlegz released “Bootlegz mixtape vol.1” mixed by DJ Goce, first official mixtape in Macedonia, and was released on Tape!
DJ Goce produced a lot of local Macedonian and regional artists thru the years, worked as a co-producer and DJ of the TV Show “Hip Hop Teza” on national A1 TV and as a DJ of Hip Hop Teza radio show on Top FM.
In 2008 DJ Goce and Dimitri from Cair organized and hosted the first Turntablism workshop in
Macedonia that featured DJ Strajk, DJ Venom (Ex-YU DMC Champ) and as a special guest – DJ
Rondevu, and second one in 2011 with DJ Raid (PG4/filter crew) In 2016 together with DJ Chvare formed the promotional crew Funky Fresh www.funkyfresh.es , in order to bring freshness to the night life in their hometown, and did events with Fred Wesley, Roy Ayers, Gang Starr Foundation, Dj Angelo, Large Pro, Diamond D, Jeru the Damaja , The Beatnuts, Lord Finesse ,Natasha Diggs, Dusty Donuts, Boca 45, Jon 1st etc.
In 2017 DJ Goce together with DJ Chvare organized the first “Skopje Vinyl Convention”. In 3 years
running, it became one of the largest vinyl events in the region, 50+ DJ’s on 4 stages and 30+ dealers.
In he’s DJ career, he shared the booth with many DJ’s and groups, like DJ Koco aka Shimokita, DJ
Sebb, DJ Maseo of De La Soul, Fred Wesley, Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators, Natasha Diggs, DJ
Woody, DJ Dice, DJ Rondevu ,DJ Cheeba, DJ Format, Dj Angelo, Jon 1st, Kut L, Dj Phantom, Rob
Manga, Boca 45, Naughty NMX, Jim Sharp, Mirko Machine, Marc Hype, Terrence Parker, Ron
Phlatline, DJ 279, Diamond D, Large Professor, Mobb Deep, Ghostface, Phryme, Das Efx ,Jeru the
Damaja, The Beatnuts…
DJ Goce had shows in clubs, did events and festivals in Germany, France, U.K., Slovenia, Serbia,
Croatia, Monte Negro, Bulgaria, Greece, Austria, Albania, Bosnia, Poland, Holland, Czech Republic
,Georgia etc.
DJ’ed parties for Apple, Microsoft, Nike, Adidas, DC Shoes, Marriott, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Hyundai,
Ford, Kia, Red Bull, Smirnoff, Heineken, T-Mobile, Marlboro, Lucky Strike, Kent, West, Winston etc.
DJ’ed afterparties for De La Soul, Snoop Dogg , Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (Ljubljana) etc.
Dj Goce worked as tour/concert DJ with S.A.F. , Strajk, L.D. Pistolero, Gang Starr Foundation & Jeru
The Damaja, Bad Copy & Wikluh Sky, The Beatnuts, Buddha Monk (Balkan Tour), Greenout etc. …
From 2013 DJ Goce is the official DJ and member of Serbian hip-hop outlet Bad Copy, and toured
with them for major events thru Balkan, headlining the Belgrade Beer festival (3 years in a row) for
100.000+ crowd.
In 2015 Dj Goce DJ’d for the Gang Starr Foundation reunion on one of the biggest hip-hop festivals in
Europe – Hip Hop Kemp in Czech Republic and in 2016 was DJ for the european autumn tour.
In 2015 Dj Goce was honoured by the biggest and oldest Macedonian brewery and got a signature Dj
Goce limited edition bottle and can of the famous Skopsko beer and became music ambassador of
the brand.
In 2016 Dj Goce signed a exclusive deal with Nike and Buzz sneakerstores, released the exclusive
mixtape for Buzz, continued to be brand ambassador for Skopsko beer and Pivara Skopje.
In 2017 The album that DJ Goce produced, Land Of Confusion by Conquering Lion, became
Nominated for Grammy Awards in Best Reggae Album category.
In 2019 DJ Goce completely produced the L.D. Pistolero 2nd solo album – Daleku
and Strajk’s third solo album – Niz Mojot Zivot.
DJ Goce spins blend of Hip Hop and various music that inspired him thru the years – Old School,
Funk, Soul, R’n’B, Neo Soul, Electro (the B-Boy one), Reggae, Original Breaks etc…
Dj Goce spins also strictly vinyl 7″ (45’s) set’s based on funk, rare grooves, disco, boogie, old school
hip-hop and b-boy music!


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