Dorian Paic @ Time Warp (2019)

Born in 1974, Dorian Paic has been spinning records since 1992. The early stages of his career saw him work in the Air Embargo recordstore (located in the world famous Dorian Gray Club) and later in the cult recordstore „Boy“ in Frankfurt/Main.
His skills and musical knowledge got him several DJ-sets in Clubs like „Music Hall“ and the legendary „Omen“. After several gigs in „Dorian Gray“ (1996-2000) he got famous through his residencies at „Monza“ and the Offenbach based „Spectrum“. It wasn´t only in the German Clubs „Robert Johnson“ and „U60311“ he was getting booties shaking, his reputation was also growing outside Germany, like for example in Barcelona („La Terrazza“).
Since 2001 Dorian has worked in the based recordstore „Freebase Records“. At the same time, he also joined the label „raum…musik“, owned by Olaf Zern, to work as A&R manager. But Dorian produces, too. On the labels „Choke“, „raum…musik“ and the Freebase-Label „Below“. Since 2004 he was the resident DJ of the housefloor of the Cocoon Club in Frankfurt.

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