Biology Party & Clapham Common July 1989

This video was shot by Pops at Biology’s open air party in Watford. As far as i know this footage hasnt been uploaded to youtube before so this is a first. The event took place during the Acid House period in the UK circa 1987-90 and was completely banned by the government and law enforcement. In those days we had to fight for the right to part and i mean fight… SEE MY ACID HOUSE BLOG:

Note from Pops (RIP): ‘Love the video of Clapham Common!!!! God I must have been out of it to film that. Good to see all my friends though including Baby Sean, the lovely Rhanya and Anouskha, Chesney, Mark Hastings, Phil Calaghan, Ray. Love you all and just love those times…. Popz (It’s Sentient Design Wayne!) ‘

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